Welcome to Flynn Township, Sanilac County, Michigan

Election Information

AV Application: Make sure you check in which election(s) you want an Absentee Ballot. Instructions are on the back, please read carefully and follow them. 

A note about multiple Absentee Applications: You may receive more than one Absentee Application. The Township mails one to each person on our Permanent Absentee Voter List and to those who request them for individual elections. This year, the State of Michigan mailed applications to those not on the list as well. Often, the political parties send Absentee Applications too. What to do? Just pick one and send it to the Township. As always, if you receive mail for persons who are no longer living at your address or who are deceased, do not open it; please just write on the envelope "not at this address" or "deceased" and return to your mail carrier or the post office. They will return the mail to whoever sent it so they can correct their records.

Ballot: Ballot mailing has begun for the August 4th election, so be on the lookout! Make sure you put your ballot back inside the secrecy sleeve before placing in the return envelope. MAKE SURE YOU SIGN THE ENVELOPE! Ballots without signatures cannot be processed. Please return your ballot as soon as possible.


Who do I contact for Election Information?

Flynn Township Clerk: Katherine Wilson
(810) 683-4600
4295 Bailey Road
Marlette MI 48453

Upcoming Election Dates and Hours

  • August 4th, August Primary 7am-8pm
  • November 3rd, General

Preliminary Accuracy Test Notice

July 6th 8am
4295 Bailey Road
Marlette, MI 48453

Public Accuracy Test Notice

July 27th 7pm
5251 Shephard Road
Brown City, MI 48416


Election Information for Sanilac County: (SANILACCOUNTY.NET)
What's on the ballot? (MVIC.SOS.STATE.MI.US)
Voter Registration Form
Absent Voter Ballot Application
Always Absent Voter List Application
Inspector Application