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Ordinances & Forms


List of Ordinances:

Master Plan

Zoning Ordinance

Blight Ordinance

Land Division Ordinance

Nature Center Ordinance

Wind Energy Ordinance

Hazardous Material Spill Safety & Emergency Cost Recovery Ordinance

Solar Farms Ordinance

Omard Cemetery Rules and Regulations Ordinance


List of Forms:

Land Use Permit Application

  • Submit to Cam Keesler, Zoning Administrator, prior to starting your project.  Click here for Rates & Fees
  • The PARCEL NUMBER IS REQUIRED for the Land Use Permit Application to be approved.  

Variance Application 

  • Submit to Roger Lupa, Zoning Board of Appeals Secretary.  Click here for Rates & Fees

Land Division Application

  • Submit to Thomas Lupo, Township Assessor.  Click here for Rates & Fees

Public Records Request

  • Submit to Robert Vinande, Flynn Township Clerk.  Fee's are outlined on the form.  

Special Exception Use Application

  • Submit to Clifford C. Keesler, Zoning Administrator.  Click here for Rates & Fees

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